Pro Hop

Kobe Bryant performs a pro hop

The pro hop (sometimes written as pro-hop) is the label given to the jump stop move in NBA Live. It was introduced in NBA Live 2004 and has been featured in each subsequent game. The move involves the player picking up his dribble with a hop step to elude a defender before attempting a shot (usually a dunk or layup) or passing to a teammate and is a common technique in the NBA. It is executed by pressing an assigned controller button or key, except in NBA Live 07 Current Gen where it is assigned to the right analog stick.

Reception & Criticism

Although generally liked, the pro hop was considered to be too powerful when it was first implemented to the point of being an unstoppable move for the user. Subsequent games have included a slider that controls the effectiveness of the move and its impact upon the game. The method of execution in NBA Live 07 Current Gen was criticised by many who felt being forced to hold the right analog stick up to perform the move reduced its effectiveness substantially and made it difficult to execute properly. The change was made when seperate dunk and layup buttons were adopted in NBA Live 07; with the return to a single dunk/layup button in NBA Live 08, a return of the traditional pro hop controls is anticipated.